The Shearer Method Series

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The Shearer Method Classic Guitar Foundations Book I is one of the best methods for beginners–for either private or classroom instruction.

Book III continues the student’s study of music reading, ascending the neck and developing instant fingerboard recognition.

Book III develops intermediate-level technique reading and sight-reading in 12 different keys in the open position.

Book IV a unique guitar-centric approach to harmony, for all levels of students.


Book V (great for sight reading) includes over 60 duets in the harder keys/positions.  Available as hard copy, or ebook.

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Answers to all the written exercises in Guitar Harmony, plus melodic and harmonic dictaion.

Classroom Shearer: a Teacher’s Manual designed for The Shearer Method, Book I

Learning the Classic Guitar Series

Learning the Classic Guitar is a new direction in guitar instruction. Many ideas in these books break new ground. Part I is purely instructional and must be used in conjuntion with Part II.

Part II applies technical instruction in Part I to musical compositions and exercises and develops the ability to pre-read, sight-read and memorize.

Part III teaches concepts of music expression and how to perform with accuracy and confidence.

Classic Guitar TEchnique Series

Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1 is one of the most popular methods used by generations of classical guitarists.

Classic Guitar Technique, Vol. 2

Supplement 1, Slur, Ornament, and Reach Exercises

Supplement 2,  Basic Elements of Music Theory for Guitar

Guitar Note Speller

Scale Pattern Studies. Open and upper-position scales and sight-reading..


A DVD documentary celebrating the life and work of Aaron Shearer

  Thomas Kikta of Duquesne University presents classical fingerstyle technique in the context of some of the most beautiful classical guitar repertoire.

One of Shearer’s best articles on visualization as a means to overcome performance anxiety

A wonderful interview with Shearer after becoming the Chair of Classical Guitar at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore

Carcassi, Op. 60 Etudes with the original Aaron Shearer fingerings.  Edited by Thomas Kikta, Kami Rowan, Ricardo Cobo.  Audio recording of all the etudes are included, perfromed by virtuoso, Ricardo Cobo.

The Shearer Strap
best guitar support

An innovative solution to the widespread problems of holding the Classic Guitar in the traditional manner.

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