The Shearer Method: Classic Guitar Developments (Book 2)

The Shearer Method Classic Guitar Developments one of the best intermediate-level books by Aaron Shearer. The method, with videos/recordings by Thomas Kikta and compositions by Dr. Alan Hirsh, develops music reading (or sight reading), and technique through a unique mindful-learning approach of pre-reading, visualization, and memorization.


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All original music (solos and duets) are stylistically diverse and sensitively composed to support technical development–rest-stroke/free stroke arpeggios (Lyric Tunes I-IV), progressive rhythm studies with syncopation, irregular and mixed meter (Rhythm Dances I-VI), barring, slurs, glissando, and ornaments.  The music of the masters sections includes works by Cutting, Sanz, Bach, Mertz and more.

The method begins with rest stroke on a single line which is immediately applied to reading  duets, called inventions.  These are offered in the 12 open-position guitar keys–from C major/A minor to E major/C# minor and each key includes 3 studies from easy, to medium, to more challenging rhythms.  For example, the F major set:

The method includes 49 videos shot in high definition, 85 new solo and duet compositions and arrangements, 47 recorded tracks with TNT2 technology, the Shearer Online Supplement, and Online Media Support . Discover why the Guitar Foundation of America has called Aaron Shearer “the most prominent pedagogue of the twentieth century.” A must have to complete the library of any classic or finger-style guitar player!

Classic Guitar Developments

Book II develops intermediate-level technique and applies pre-reading to develop fluent reading and sight-reading in 12 different keys in the open position.

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