Guitar Harmony

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Guitar Harmony, by Alan Hirsh, is a unique guitar-centric approach that will compliment your study.  Progressively organized in 10 units, all concepts— Intervals, Triads, Major, Minor, Chord Progressions, Chord Voicings, Seventh Chords, Cadence and Phrases, Secondary Chords, Non-Chord Tones, and Harmonizing Melody.—are applied directly on the guitar with musical examples taken from Sor, Caracssi, Carulli, and others.  Guitar Harmony includes an expanded online supplement with 9 Aural Training Modules, fingerboard Interval/Triad, Seventh Chord trainers, and Rhythm and Melody trainers for guitar-oriented melodic and harmonic dictation.  Book is designed for use in private lessons or the classroom (Teacher’s manual is available).  Students can begin any time, but foundations in technique and music reading are recommended.


guitar harmony online supplement
Now Available: Instructor’s manual
Sample Ear-Training Modules

Includes answers to all written exercises, plus Unit Quizzes, both aural and written, and a step-by-step method of Melodic and Harmonic Dictation with practice materials and scoring rubrics.

Guitar Harmony Instructor's manual
Chord Inversion

Identify the inversion:
(root position, 1st inversion, or 2nd inversion)

Seventh Chord
Rhythm trainer

140 pages and spiral bound.

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