Recording Equipment
  • Microphone
    • Option #1–Use your smart phone for both audio and video.
    • Option #2–For better audio, use an external USB mic.  These are affordable and require no additional devices to connect directly to your computer.
    • Option #3–For best quality, use a condensor mic and audio interface with phantom power.
  • A basic audio recording app for your computer (e.g., GarageBand).  If you don’t have one, you can download free audio software, such as Audacity.
  • For video, you’ll need a camera or your smartphone.
 Recording Prep
  • If you’re using an external mic:
    • Close mic-ing is always best.  Aim the mic at the guitar’s bridge for a warmer sound, or the neck for a brighter sound.
    • Check to make sure that when you play, your signal does not “peak” (distort) on the input meter (keep it between -12 and -8db). For more info on setting recording levels.
  • Position your smartphone or camera horizontally and set up your picture so that it includes all of you (both hands) in the shot.
  • Make sure that the smartphone or camera is correctly oriented so the recording does not play upside down (notice in the picture, the correct orientation of the iphone).