If you’re just starting a guitar program and/or in need of both instruments and teaching materials, this program is for you! The Aaron Shearer Foundation can help you build a quality middle- or high-school guitar program that will launch your students to success. First, we offer the The Shearer Method: Classical Guitar Foundations Book I, recognized as one of the best methods for classroom teaching in the country. Students enjoy the material, which is both easy to understand and musically engaging.  The sequence is logical, comprehensive and thoughtfully develops both technique and musicianship. Within the first year, students learn proper positioning, techniques of mindful learning, a secure understanding of all open-position notes and chords, and basic right-hand technique: from free stroke, to arpeggios, to finger alternation on a single string. 

The Shearer Method is particularly effective when used with Classroom Shearer: a Teacher’s Manual. Organized in 8 units and following the sequence of Book I, Classroom Shearer offers helpful suggestions, commentaries, and activities including:

  • Suggested warm-up exercises.
  • Pre-reading: vocalizing, air guitar, and say and play activities.
  • Isolations and movement-form development.
  • Etude preparations.
  • Teacher accompaniments and improvisations.
  • Ensemble pieces applying technique from each unit.
  • Suggested evaluations.
  • Added support at the Shearer Online Supplement

Lastly, we have partnered with Alfred Music, Cordoba Guitars, and D’Addario Strings to offer an affordably-priced package, which includes the Shearer Method, an entry-level Cordoba guitar (3/4- 7/8- or full-size) and case, a tuner, and a set of strings. In addition, for each order, you’ll receive a Shearer Classroom Teacher’s Manual, the companion to Book I which offers suggested classroom strategies, activities, warm-up routines, grading assessment, and supplemental pieces  as well as an in-service meeting with one of our Education specialists from the Aaron Shearer Foundation.

Note: Special academic pricing applies only to purchases of 5 or more packages and does not including shipping (for academic pricing on method books only, see our bookstore for details).

We Need Your Support!

We recognize the positive impact music education has on students and believe everyone should be entitled to learn the guitar.  One of the missions of the ASF Guitar in the Schools is to donate guitars and  books to under-funded schools in low-economic neighborhoods.  You can help support this in a variety of ways:

  • Donate a used or new guitar.
  • Make a one-time tax-deductible contribution.
  • Become a regular corporate or individual sponsor.

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