Learning the Fingerboard Supplement (Guitar Sight Reading)


Best guitar sight reading for intermediate or advanced levels, Learning the Fingerboard Supplement—Book 5 is a collection of over 60 duets in the guitar’s harder keys—E, B, F♯, B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭, and G♭major, and G, C, F, B♭, and E♭minor.  Each key area is developed in three rhythmic levels—easy, moderate and more challenging.  The material continues the journey of Book 3, developing musicianship and deeper fingerboard awareness.  Book is available in multiple formats— spiral bound hard copy, e book, or interactive .pdf.

The book is organized in two parts: Open Position/Position I and Position III.   As in Learning the Fingerboard Book 3, the study of each key begins with rote learning of one of five scale forms in fixed position, which is applied to scale reading and challenge exercises.   When the key is firmly established, the scales are applied to musical Inventions, up to three per key in graded levels of rhythmic difficulty.  All music, by Alan Hirsh, is written in a diversity of styles, from Classical to Folk, to Blues and Ragtime and may be listened to at the Online Supplement (password required) which includes more music, and drills for developing scale form and position recognition.

For information on Scale Forms, see the article, Scale Pattern Recognition.

sample online drill

Sample Sequence—Inventions 19, 20, & 21 in C minor

Invention No. 1—easy rhythm

Invention No. 2—moderate rhythm

Invention No. 3—challenging rhythm