The Aaron Shearer Foundation (ASF) is an organization established to perpetuate and enhance Shearer’s legacy of classical guitar pedagogy.  As one of the most successful guitar pedagogues in history, Aaron Shearer was instrumental in the development of many of the celebrated classical guitar performers of the past three or four decades in the United States.  Their level of musical and virtuosic performance has contributed to raising the image of the guitar in the classical music world.  It is our desire that the keys that led to this success be shared as widely as possible with those musically inclined devotees who are attracted by the charms and subtleties of the classical guitar.

The ASF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the development of Shearer guitar pedagogy. This is achieved through a broad range of activities including: publications, fingering editions, musical products, recordings, networking, symposiums, teacher certification, private and online lessons, web casting, scholarships and grants. Organized and maintained by former students, colleagues, and family members, the ASF is a resource for students, teachers, and performers who currently use or wish to gain insight into Aaron Shearer’s revolutionary work. Learn more

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