Suggested pieces that incorporate the following arpeggios:

Study in A minor, Carulli
Prelude No. 1, Carulli

Daybreak–A. HIrsh


Estudio No. 1 A minor–Aguado


Prelude in A, Op. 114, No. 4–Carulli
“Viennoise” Op. 120, No. 6–Carulli also requires p-i-m-a chords, see Book II, p. 112


Waltz, Op. 121, No. 1–Carulli
Waltz and Variations–Carulli (Variation I)


The Mist–Hirsh (preparatory)
Prelude in A minor–Carulli
Waltz and Variations–Carulli (Variation II)
Study No. 1–Tarrega  also requires:

an “arpeggio without p”–see Book II,  p.123

 Advanced p,i,m,a,m,i

requires knowledge of upper positions
Op. 48, No. 5–Giuliani


Prelude in A major–Carcassi