Aaron Shearer

I strongly recommend that, when an experienced guitarist first tries the strap, the procedure of self-discovery previously described under the heading, Determining the Best Playing Position, be carried out. Once the proper length of the strap is decided and the most comfortable and effective position is determined, the strap often feels like a godsend. Depending on the natural mental and physical flexibility of the individual, some guitarists, even those who have been playing many years, almost immediately perceive the advantages of the strap (including its convenience). Others need time to experiment and consider the ramifications of making the change.

We know that, because of tradition and deeply ingrained habits, we tend to resist change which involves various mental adjustments and muscular regrouping. Acquiring new habits will demand some time and patient practice before the full benefits from using the strap can be realized. But when such adjustments are perceived as making playing far easier and more effective, even professional guitarists have been known to make the change very quickly.

 ……..Aaron Shearer