Introduction to Position IX

Rondo on p. 252 has one brief passage in Position X which is really part of five-fret scale form from Position IX. 

The following information is available to students wishing to become more familiar with this position. To begin, first learn new notes at fret XII which are accessed by your 4th finger.  Like the V and X fret notes, these are all natural (and all are an octave higher than open strings).

Practice saying and playing these in the following simple exercise:

The diagram to the right shows all the natural notes in Position IX which are accessed by the L.H. fingerings: 1 on IX, 2 on X, 3 o XI, and 4 on XII.  To help you learn this template, the following exercises begin one string at a time and then proceed to groups of strings.  For one-string exercises, the fingering “0” indicates the string is played open.  For group-string exercises, no open strings are used.  Work as slow as you need, first visualizing, then playing and saying.

All five major scale forms are available in Position IX.  When secure with these exercises, click the Scale-Forms button below to apply to keys.




Strings (1) (2)

String (3)



String (4)



String (5)



String (6)