Learning the Fingerboard (Shearer Method—Book 3)

Learning the Fingerboard (The Shearer Method Book 3) is one of the best systematic approaches to the subject. Book includes 87 compositions by Dr. Alan Hirsh which are supported with online media—videos and audio performances by Thomas Kikta.  Learning the Fingerboard stands out in continuing the student’s journey to now ascend the neck and develop instant recognition of the notes along the fingerboard, while following a graduated step-by-step curriculum that supports positive habits for efficient study.


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Learning the Fingerboard is organized by fixed positions, beginning with 2nd and ascending to 9th. It begins with an introduction of the 5 fixed-position scale forms which serve to establish a template of keys/scales available in each position. Each scale form is musically applied to duets called inventions with both parts playable by the student (upper part in the higher register, and lower part in the low register).  Only guitaristic keys are the focus in each position and each key includes 3 studies from easy, to medium, to more challenging rhythms. 

Best method learning the fingerboard
The E Major Inventions at 6th Position
Best method learning the fingerboard

Learning the Fingerboard includes high-definition videos, 87 inventions, repertoire of the masters with works by Telemann, C.P.E.Bach, Handel and more, all recorded  with TNT2 technology, plus the Shearer Online Supplement and Media Support page (password required). A must have to complete the library of any classic or finger-style guitar player!

Blues from The Shearer Method: Learning the Fingerboard, Book III

Learning the Fingerboard

This book continues the student’s study of reading music while ascending the neck and developing instant recognition of the notes along the fingerboard. 256 pages.

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