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In the Silence by is an intermediate short work that features a rest-stroke upper melody with free-stroke arpeggiated accompaniment.  Technical challenges include hinge barring, glissando, campanella, and harmonics.

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Hinge Barring

The “HB” marking stands for hinge bar, meaning a finger forms a note  and then”hinges” down to bar multple notes.   In m. 4, from the end of the 2nd beat to the 4th beat, the 1st finger slurs to A (hammer-on), then while remaining in contact, hinges downward to bar across string (2) to form C#.

This passage is a bit challenging, since the barred C# on (2) sustains,  while the 2 finger reaches across to play the F# on (6). 

mm. 4-5 played slowly

mm. 19-21 played slowly


Meaning bell-like, campanella is a way of playing a passage so that scalar notes are played on adjacent strings, so that the notes ring over one another.   To achieve, campanella is always realized in a higher position as seen in mm. 19-21.


The diagonal line between two note heads (mm. 19, 21) indicates glissando, which sounds, by sliding finger 2 from fret VII to fret V without releasing finger pressure.

For more information about campanella, and glissando, see the Shearer Method: Classic Guitar Developments, Book II.

Harmonics and Campanella

At the pickup to  m. 11, the melodic line incorporates harmonics, bleeding in their duration over fingered notes and which render another type of campanella effect.  Notice the harmonic D on (3) at VII has an indefinite tie, which indicates that it sustains:

mm. 11-12


One-hand Harmonic

The end of the piece requires two special techniques: a one-handed harmonic and left-hand articulated note.   To play the harmonic, touch i on (4) at fret XII, then stroke the string with p, following through behind i.  The final F# on (1) sounds by fingering both F# with 2 and G with 4, then, pull off 4 (downward slur) to sound F#.


  1. Liz

    Tremendous. Brilliant. Beautiful. Calming and mindful. I love love love this! Thank you for a beautiful intermission to my day!

  2. alntom

    Thanks so very much Liz….glad you enjoyed it!!

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