Lyric Tune III

An important concept to remember when alternating a rest-stroke finger with free-stroke p, is to release the resting finger from its lower adjacent finger immediately after stroking.  This will provide an ease of continuity in your playing.  Remember, rest stroke in Lyric Tune III, is indicated by the (v) symbol, while unmarked melody, indictaes free stroke.

Lyric Tune in A is a slightly more advance example of rest-stroke finger and free-stroke p juxtaposition.  To begin, the piece is sometimes played in the 2nd position to access the A on (1) as well as 4th fret notes, G# on (6), C# on (5), F# on (4) and B on (3)

These new sharp notes are required for the key of A major which is introduced beginning on p.164.  Lastly, this piece requires occasional barring which was introduced earlier, on p. 94.  As with Lyric Tune III,  rest-stroke is marked with (v) and free-stroke is unmarked .