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When Jesus Wept was originally composed as a canon (musical round) in 1770 by American composer William Billings. The setting here is two-voice/imitative and was arranged in response to the George Floyd death on May 25, 2020.

Irish Folk Song

Kingsfold is an Irish tune, dating as far back as the Middle Ages.  In structure, the melody resembles other popular Irish tunes such as Star of the County Down. 


A new rhythm arises when the accent pattern in  6/8 meter  shifts from two groups of three’s to three groups of two’s.  This is called hemiola. 

Rhythm Study

Kalimba is an easy rhythm study featuring 16-note patterns with off-beat stress. It was written to imitate the sound of the south African instrument by the same name

Two Slur Studies

Slurring is the technique of playing multiple notes with only one stroke. When played well, it brings a beautiful connected “legato” to the musical line.

Two Etudes–p,i,m-a,i

An excellent way to begin developing the alternation of a, is with the p,i,m-a,i arpeggio. It’s organized exactly the same as p,i,m,i, only a is coupled with m.

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