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When Jesus Wept was originally composed as a canon (musical round) in 1770 by American composer William Billings. The setting here is two-voice/imitative and was arranged in response to the George Floyd death on May 25, 2020.

How can I play louder?

The skill of playing loudly is a vital one for our instrument based on the comparative overall dynamic range of the classical guitar.

Irish Folk Song

Kingsfold is an Irish tune, dating as far back as the Middle Ages.  In structure, the melody resembles other popular Irish tunes such as Star of the County Down. 

Two Slur Studies

Slurring is the technique of playing multiple notes with only one stroke. When played well, it brings a beautiful connected “legato” to the musical line.

Our Hands, Our Bodies

We often forget that our hands are connected to our minds and the rest of our physical body. In other words, our hands are affected by what we eat, how tired we are, how in shape we are, and how we treat ourselves.

“Daybreak” Lesson

Daybreak is an p,i,m arpeggio etude originally composed for the GFA magazine, Prodigies. The article demonstrates how the technique of sympathetic motion as well as approaches of pre-reading and visualization are applied. An informative video accompanies the article.

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